” Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas, this is our speciality” Tariq (Creative Director) ©

As per our statement we don’t just design for the sake of generating quick finance, we take pride in our work. We believe as other senior and dedicated designers do that the first impressions counts. A corporate image has to have creditability with their means of communication to the outside world.
Our designing services are categorised as follow;

  • Logos/Corporate Identity
  • Designing service

Logo and corporate Identity is as essential as your company assets, these will be a reflection of your services to your clients or potential clients, hence we take an important look at how we can provide a corporate branding with a scheme best suited for your company. To view the organisations we have branded visit our brand portfolio.

Our designing service includes various categories from designing banners, reports, web graphics, leaflets, product packaging, brochures, cards, compliment slips, letterheads, business cards and the list goes on. In brief we have contributed to almost all designing needs.

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Our pricing is very reasonable in comparison to our quality of work, many have been reluctant but are surprised upon our quotes and consultation.